Magnum Research Inc. Desert Eagle Mark XIX .50 Action Express

Magnum Research Inc. Desert Eagle Mark XIX .50 Action Express
The Desert Eagle’s been a firearms icon for more than 25 years and has more acting credits than most Hollywood celebrities, yet despite its price tag, people continues to purchase them. I don’t feel this is because the Desert Eagle gives you the versatility to fire three calibers from the same frame. It’s because you can own a piece of movie history and being able to fire the most powerful semi-automatic cartridge in the world doesn’t hurt either. But it does offer you the versatility to fire the .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum and .50 Action Express with a change of a few parts. If you purchase the .357 Magnum, upgrading to .44 or .50AE just requires a bolt and caliber specific barrels and magazines. However you feel about the Desert Eagle, it’s here to stay and will remain a legend, Icon and highly desirable.

Mossberg 510 Mini Turkey THUGS

Mossberg 510 Mini Turkey THUGS
Kids shouldn’t be focusing on how heavy and long the shotgun their hunting with is, they should be building memories of a lifetime. Mossberg has put that issue to rest with their 510 Mini Turkey THUGS and 510 All-Purpose pump shotguns. Designed from the ground up as a youth model shotgun, it grows with your son or daughter and allows them to focus on the hunt. Available in 20 gauge and the light recoiling .410 gauge, they will beg you to go shooting. Click on the picture to go strait to the Mossberg 510 page.

The 2014 SHOT Show will unveil new products.

The start of the 2014 SHOT Show and Conference on January 14th will signal the unveiling of the newest outdoor products for the coming year. Everything from firearms to hunting gear will be highlighted and released to the public in this grand event. For me this means new firearms and products to test and review. I look forward to sharing a small sampling of these items with you on my Blog and through the magazines and websites I write for. SHOT reports that this is the largest trade show of its kind in the world and the fifth largest trade show in Las Vegas, the SHOT Show features more than 1,600 exhibitors filling booth space covering 630,000 net square feet. The show, which is a trade-only event, attracts more than 62,000 industry professionals from all 50 states and 100 countries. The Monday before the show starts I will attend “Media Day at the Range.” The firearms industry event allows me and over 1000 members of the shooting press to examine and shoot the latest and greatest products the firearms industry has to offer. Until then look for posts on gear and gadgets I am using in my work and thanks for stopping by and reading my Blog.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The GTM Hobo Handbag Is On Duty!

You can see and feel the quality in every GTM Handbag.
Sometimes while in the defense of our wives and children we men tend to forget that our wives are not as helpless as we think. Or at least my wife is not because I love her too much to allow her to become a victim, so I taught her to shoot many years ago.  To say she’s a fair shot would do her dishonor and swallowing my pride I can tell you she’s amazing with a firearm. While there are some moms who prefer the, "Stay at home lifestyle," most are very active in their communities and family life and hold down a full time job as well. Today’s women are executives, business owners, competitive shooters and stay at home mom’s, but whatever they choose to do, they have the same 2nd Amendment right to arm themselves for protection as any other American.

The Hobo Handbag come to you protected in this embroidered cloth bag.
As time marches forward the shooting industry has begun to realize that a woman’s money is as green as men’s and have begun to cater to their wants and needs. But as I have been told by many women alike, men run these companies most of the time and don’t understand words like cute, adorable and sexy and especially the color pink. So it takes more time to produce the things women want in a product; but some companies are starting to employ women to head up their women’s product lines so it will appeal to more women consumers. But what if the company was not only run by a woman but owned by a woman as well. She would know what a woman needs and what would work in a real life environment and most of all what is attractive to a woman.

Sub compact to full size, Your handgun will fit easily.
Gun Tote’n Mamas (GTM) is such a company specializing in women’s handbags designed not only to carry the myriad of items found in a woman’s purse, but their Concealed Carry Handgun as well. Their product line is extensive to give the consumer a choice that fits their wants and needs. I was introduced to Gun Tote’n Mamas’ line of concealed carry handbags for the first time at the 2012 SHOT Show in Las Vegas Nevada. I knew my wife had been shopping for a CCW Handbag, but found nothing she liked and knowing her tastes, I spotted one on the rack she would love. I spoke to one of the representatives and requested the GTM-70/TN – GTM HOBO HANDBAG W/GUN POCKET, PIGNAPPA LEATHER, TAN for my wife to test. Within a few weeks it arrived and my wife loved the looks and feel of this finely made handbag.

Left or right handed is no problem, the hook is on both sides of the holster sleeve.
This test was conducted over a six month plus period of time to allow my wife to get the feel of the Hobo handbag and see how it would wear and resist the mishaps she would encounter while conducting her daily activities. Also, bear in mind that this is her opinion and is based on her wants, needs and likes and does not reflect the views of other women that have this same product. I asked her to tell me what she liked and disliked in this particular model, and here is what she said.

The handbag hardware is top notch and will last for years.
When she removed it from the box she immediately loved the style and color and after handling it awhile she said the leather was so soft and supple. The stitching was well done and strong chrome platted zippers were easy to open and close with their matching leather pull tabs. The carry strap was strong (with the addition of the wire for security) and wide and had nylon sewn to the underside so it moved freely on your shoulder while the top half was matching leather with chrome platted snaps to attach it to the handbag’s matching D-rings. The two self-healing zippered pockets on each end of the Hobo which allow you to insert your handgun measure 7.5 inches in length. She had plenty of room for her 9mm Walther P99C QA compact with a (CTC) Crimson Trace Rail Master Laser and spare magazine.

Two main compartments allow you to store all your items.
Inside the concealed carry compartment there is a hook and pile strip attached to the handbag to accompany the pistol sleeve that allows the user to attach the handgun at the depths and height she desires.  She said the CCW pocket also is great for holding your Kindle Fire when not carrying. The Hobo is about 12.5 inches long, 4.5 inches deep and 7.5 inches high at the center and weighs 20.00 oz. empty and 53.40 oz. with her Walther and spare magazine. The interior of the Hobo is lined with a soft nylon weave and has two separate pockets each with their own zippers. The right pocket has two smaller pockets for holding a phone or compact and the left pocket has a zippered pocket that’s good for a wallet. There is one small outside zippered pocket that’s great for items you need to recover quickly.

Side pockets give you quick access.
I then asked her what she could change if she designed the Hobo and here is what she said. It seems as woman get older she carries more stuff, sometimes more than she needs, but being a wife and a mom we need the items we carry, so a larger version of the Hobo would be perfect. The Hobo with all that I carried (including my handgun) was heavy and the strap cut into my shoulder, so a padded strap would be very comfortable. After using this smaller Hobo, she felt maybe the larger sized Hobo would conform to her side more comfortably although then she is back to the fact that a larger purse would mean she would carry more than she needs. For a younger woman with a less busy lifestyle this model seems well suited. She said that based on what she has seen with this model and Gun Tote’n Mamas commitment to excellence in the Hobo, she would defiantly consider another handbag from their line. After visiting the online catalog for GTM, I think she has decided to try the Concealed Carry Urban Shoulder Bag next.

The interior lining is very soft and reduces snagging.
I feel based on my wife’s experiences and my experiences with the women of Gun Tote’n Mamas they will be serving the needs of their female clientele for years to come. My wife would highly recommend their fine Handbags whether you carry a concealed firearm or not because they will meet and exceed the demands you place on them. The Hobo is just one example of many handbags they carry so when you’ve decided on that carry gun, or already own one, give Gun Tote’n Mamas a visit on the web. I’m sure when you pull it out of the box for the first time you will see and feel the quality and know it was designed by women for women.

Side pockets are plentiful for fast need items like your cellphone.
Information on the GT-70/TN Hobo Handbag from Gun Tote’n Mamas website:

             New Color for 2012 - Brown
·       Designed for either Left or Right handed use
·       SLASH RESISTANT Shoulder Strap
o   Easily clips on and off
o   Wire reinforced
o   Removable
o   Height when strapped to bag = 13-1/2" Tall
·       Tumbled and un-coated full grain Leather
o   Will become butter soft within weeks of use yet so durable!
o   Leather Outside zipper pulls
·       Includes Holster
·       Double zippered top main compartment closures
o   Interior has 2 nylon pockets for cell, lipstick, keys etc. and one zippered pocket
·       Outside back has a zippered pocket
·       Fully nylon lined
·       Overall Bag size: 13" wide x 8-1/2" Tall x 4-1/4" Deep
·       Side zippered compartment size: 10-1/2" Wide x 7" Tall
·       Zipper opening = 7" Tall
·       Left and right handed use
·       Colors include Brown, Black, Saddle Tan and Red
·       Price: $89.00
·       GTM™ Enterprises is a division of KINGPORT INDUSTRIES, LLC - Northbrook, IL 60062 - a certified women owned enterprise.
·       For reviews and testimonials:
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